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from the Meagher Laboratory.
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  • Ambati, S., Pham, T., Lewis, Z.A., Lin, X. & Meagher, R.B. DectiSomes- Glycan Targeting of Liposomal Amphotericin B Improves the Treatment of Disseminated Candidiasis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 66, 1-13 (2022).
  • Ambati, S., Ellis, E.C., Pham, T., Lewis, Z.A., Lin, X. & Meagher, R.B. Antifungal Liposomes Directed by Dectin-2 Offer a Promising Therapeutic Option for Pulmonary Aspergillosis. mBio 12, 1-8 (2021).
  • Ambati, S., Pham, T., Lewis, Z.A., Lin, X. & Meagher, R.B. DC-SIGN Targets Amphotericin B-Loaded Liposomes to Diverse Pathogenic Fungi. Fungal Biol and Biotech 8, 1-13 (2021).
  • Meagher, R., Ambati, S., Lewis, Z. & Lin, X. TARGETED NANOPARTICLES AND THEIR USES RELATED TO INFECTIOUS DISEASES. 2021. University of Georgia Research Foundation, I. 63,237,687. 1-93.
  • Meagher, R., Lewis, Z., Ambati, S. & Lin, X. Aiming for a bull’s-eye: Targeting antifungals to fungi with dectin-decorated liposomes. PLoS Pathog 17, 1-7 (2021).
  • Wang, Y., Meagher, R.B., Ambati, S., Cheng, H., Ma, P. & Phillips, B.G. Airways Therapy of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Improves Aberrant Levels of Four Cytokines Associated with Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease. Nature and Science of Sleep (2021).
  • Phillips, B.G., Wang, Y., Ambati, S., Ma, P. & Meagher, R.B. Airways therapy of obstructive sleep apnea dramatically improves aberrant levels of soluble cytokines involved in autoimmune disease. Clinical Immunology 221, 1-10 (2020).
  • Wang, Y., Meagher, R.B., Ambati, S., Ma, P. & Phillips, B.G. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea have suppressed levels of soluble cytokine receptors involved in neurodegenerative disease, but normal levels with airways therapy. Sleep Breath April, 1-13 (2020).

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